I now have the first cut of a Facebook application called: Dynamic Linked Data Pages.

What is a Dynamic Linked Data Page (DLD)?

A dynamically generated Web Page comprised of Semantic Data Web style data links (formally typed links) and traditional Document Web links (generic links lacking type specificity).

Linked Data Pages will ultimately enable Facebook users to inject their public data into the Semantic Data Web as RDF based Linked Data. For instance, my Facebook Profile & Photo albums data is now available as RDF, without paying a cent of RDF handcrafting tax, thanks to the Virtuoso Sponger (middleware for producing RDF from non RDF data sources) which is now equipped with a new RDFizer Cartridger for the Facebook Query Language (FQL) and RESTful Web Service.

Demo Notes:

When you click on a link in DLD pages, you will be presented with a lookup that exposes the different interaction options associated with a given URI. Examples include:

  1. Explore - find attributes and relationships that apply to the clicked URI
  2. Dereference (get the attributes of the clicked URI)
  3. Bookmark - store the URI for subsequent use e.g meshing with other URIs from across the Web
  4. (X)HTML Page Open - traditional Document Web link (i.e. just opens another Web document as per usual)

Remember, the facebook URLs (links to web pages) are being converted, on the fly, into RDF based Structured Data ( graph model database) i.e Entity Sets that possess formally defined characteristics (attributes) and associations (relationships).

Dynamic Linked Data Pages

  1. My facebook Profile
  2. My facebook Photo Album

Saved RDF Browser Sessions

  1. My facebook Profile
  2. My facebook Photo Album

Saved SPARQL Query Definitions

  1. My facebook Profile Query
  2. My facebook Photo Album Query