I regularly check announcement fromBen Adidare.RDFaas part of a perpetual certification process for my ODS based Weblog. The most recent post from Ben contains a link to an "RDFa in the Wild" portal (in the making).

One I installed Opertaor 0.8 and then scanned a few of the pages from the RDFa portal.Operator 0.8didn't do much for me i.e. if the RDFa didn't express RDF aligned in some form to a microformat that it understood, it simply routed it's findings to a generic "resource" category :-( Of course, it is possible to enhance this aspect of Operator (and I may get round to that some day). Anyway, I pressed on, and took one of the more interesting URIs from the RDFa page and pasted that into the OpenLink RDF Browser instead. Here are the links:

1. Semantically annotated publication database using Ajax(a page containing structured data expressed in RDF and exposed via RDFa)

2. Same Page via OpenLink RDF Browser

The RDF Browser uses the Virtuoso Spongerto extract the embeddedRDFfrom RDFa embedded in the page.