Ivan Herman just posted another nice example of practical RDFa usage in a blog post titled: Yet Another RDFa Proccessor. In his post, Ivan exposes a URI for his FOAF-in-RDFa file.

Since I am aggressively tracking RDFa developments, I decided to quickly view Ivan's FOAF-in-RDFa file via the OpenLink RDF Browser. The full implications are best understood when you click on each of the Browser's Tabs -- each providing a different perspective on this interesting addition to the Semantic Data Web (note: the Fresnel Tab which demonstrates declarative UI templating using N3).

What's Going on Here?

The OpenLink RDF Browser is a Rich Internet Application built using OAT (OpenLink Ajax Toolkit). In my case, I am deploying the RDF Browser from a Virtuoso instance, which implies that the Browser is able to use the Virtuoso Sponger Middleware (exposed as a REST Service at the Virtuoso instance endpoint: /proxy); which includes an RDFa Cartridge comprised of a metadata extractor and an RDF Schema / OWL Ontology mapper. That's it!