A new release of Virtuoso is now available in both Open Source and Commercial variants. The main features and Enhancements associated with this release include:

    * 64-bit Integer Support
    * RDF Sink Folders for WebDAV - enabling RDF Quad Store population by simply dropping RDF files into WebDAV or via HTTP (meaning you can use CURL as an RDF in put mechanism for instance)
    * Additional Sponger Cartridges from Audio binary files (i.e ID3 tag extraction and Music Ontology mapping which exposes the fine details of music as RDF based Structured Data; one for the DJs & Remixers out there!)
    * New Sponger Cartridges for Facebook, Freebase, Wikipedia, GRDDL, RDFa, eRDF and more
    * Support for PHP 5.2 runtime hosting (Virtuoso is a bona fide deployment platform for: Wordpress, MediaWiki, phpBB, Drupal etc.)
    * Enhanced UI for managing RDF Linked Datadeployment (covering Multi Homed domains, Virtual Directories associated with URL-rewrite rules
    * Demonstration Database includes SQL-RDF Views & SQL Table samples for the THALIA Web Data Integration benchmark and test-suite
    * Tutorial Application includes Linked Data style SQL-RDF Views for the Northwind SQL DBMS schema (which is the same as the standard Virtuoso demo atabase schema)
    * SQL-RDF Views implementation of the TPC-D benchmark (Yes, we can run this grueling SQL benchmark via RDF views of SQL Data!)
    * A new Amazon EC2 Image for Virtuoso that enables you to instantiate a fully configured instance comprising the Virtuoso core, OpenLink Data Spacesplatform and the OpenLink Ajax Toolkit(OAT) (we now have bona fide Data Spaces in the Clouds as an addition to the emerging Semantic Data Web mesh).

Download Lnks: