The title of this post is a "Tongue in cheek" expression of euphoria now that I have FOAF and SIOC (pronounced SHOCK) based data spaces exposed via my FOAF and my SIOC information resource (RDF files) URIs.

If you want to explore who I know, what I read, and what I've tagged (amongst other things), all you have to do is:

  1. Beam a SPARQL query down my data space URIs which expose FOAF or SIOC based interconnected Linked Data graphs.
  2. Walkthrough using an RDF Browser until you reach a beachhead and then beam your SPARQL from there (remember you only need the URI of the RDF Data Source, and while in my Data Space every data item has a proper URI).

Some Tools that help you comprehend what I am saying:


    Zitgist Data Viewer (SIOCand FOAFdata spaces)
    OpenLink RDF Browser (SIOCand FOAFdata spaces)

Query Tools