Daniel Lewis has put together a nice collection of Linked Data related posts that illustrate the fundamentals of the Linked Data Web and the vital role that Virtuoso plays as a deployment platform. Remember, Virtuoso was architected in 1998 (see Virtuoso History) in anticipation of the eventual Internet, Intranet, and Extranet level requirements for a different kind of Server. At the time of Virtuoso's inception, many thought our desire to build a multi-protocol, multi-model, and multi-purpose, virtual and native data server was sheer craziness, but we pressed on (courtesy of our vision and technical capabilities). Today, we have a very sophisticated Universal Server Platform (in Open Source and Commercial forms) that is naturally equipped to do the following via very simple interfaces:
    - Provide highly scalable RDFDataManagement via a Quad Store (DBpediais an example of a live demonstration)
    - Powerful WebDAV innovations that simplify read-write mode interaction with Linked Data
    - More...