Courtesy a post by Chris Bizer to the LOD community mailing list, here is a list of Linked Data oriented talks at the upcoming XTech 2008 event (also see the XTech 2008 Schedule which is Linked Data friendly). Of course, I am posting this to my Blog Data Space with the sole purpose of adding data to the rapidly growing Giant Global Graph of Linked Data, basically adding to my collection of live Linked Data utility demos :-)

Here is the list:

  1. Linked Data Deployment (Daniel Lewis, OpenLink Software)
  2. The Programmes Ontology (Tom Scott, BBC and all)
  3. SemWebbing the London Gazette (Jeni Tennison, The Stationery Office)
  4. Searching, publishing and remixing a Web of Semantic Data (Richard Cyganiak, DERI Galway)
  5. Building a Semantic Web Search Engine: Challenges and Solutions (Aidan Hogan, DERI Galway)
  6. 'That's not what you said yesterday!' - evolving your Web API (Ian Davis, Talis)
  7. Representing, indexing and mining scientific data using XML and RDF: Golem and CrystalEye (Andrew Walkingshaw, University of Cambridge)

For the time challenged (i.e. those unable to view this post using it's permalink / URI as a data source via the OpenLink RDF Browser, Zitgist Data Viewer, DISCO Hyperdata Browser, or Tabulator), the benefits of this post are as follows:

  • automatic URI generation for all linked items in this post
  • automatic propagation of tags to, Technorati, and PingTheSemanticWeb
  • automatic association of formal meanings to my Tags using the MOAT Ontology
  • automatic collation and generation of statistical data about my tags using the SCOT Ontology (*missing link is a callout to SCOT Tag Ontology folks to sort the project's home page URL at the very least*)
  • explicit typing of my Tags as SKOS Concepts.

Put differently, I cost-effectively contribute to the GGG across all Web interaction dimensions (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) :-)