I've always been of the opinion that concise value proposition articulation shouldn't be the achilles of the Semantic Web. As the Linked Data wave climbs up the "value Appreciation and Comprehension chain", it's getting clearer by the second that "Context" is a point of confluence for Semantic Web Technologies and easy to comprehend value, from the perspectives of those outside the core community.

In today's primarily Document centric Web, the pursuit of Context is akin to pursuing a mirage in a desert of user generated content. The quest is labor intensive, and you ultimaely end up without water at the end of the pursuit :-)

Listening to the Christine Connor's podcast interview with Talis simply reinforces my strong belief that "Context, Context, Context" is the Semantic Web's equivalent of Real Estate's "Location, Location, Location" (ignore the subprime loans mess for now). The critical thing to note is that you cannot unravel "Context" from existing Web content without incorporating powerful disambiguation technology into an "Entity Extraction" process. Of course, you cannot even consider seriously pursing any entity extraction and disambiguation endeavor without a lookup backbone that exposes "Named Entities" and their relationships to "Subject matter Concepts" (BTW - this is what UMBEL is all about). Thus, when looking at the broad subject of the Semantic Web, we can also look at "Context" as the vital point of confluence for the Data oriented (Linked Data) and the "Linguistic Meaning" oriented perspectives.

I am even inclined to state publicly that "Context" may ultimately be the foundation for 4th "Web Interaction Dimension" where practical use of AI leverages a Linked Data Web substrate en route to exposing new kinds of value :-)

"Context" may also be the focal point of concise value proposition articulation to VCs as in: "My solution offers the ability to discover and exploit "Context" iteratively, at the rate of $X.XX per iteration, across a variety of market segments :-)