As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so I am exposing two views ofVirtuosothat have been on theWebfor while.

Remember,Virtuosooffersdatamanagement, data access, webapplication server, enterprise service bus, and virtualization of disparate and heterogeneous data sources, as part of a single, multi threaded, cross-platform server solution; hence it's description as a "Universal Server".

Conceptual View:

Technical View (kinda missingPHP,Perl,Pythonruntime hosting in the Virtual Application Sever realm):

Virtuoso's architecture is not a reaction to current trends. The diagrams above are pretty old (with minor touch ups in recent times). AtOpenLink Software, we've have a consistent world-view re. standards and the vital role they play when it comes to developing software that enables the construction and exploitation of "ContextLenses" that tap into a substrate of Virtualized Logical Data Sources (SQL, XML, RDF, Web Services, Full Text etc.).