Even with the marginal degrees of serendipitous discovery that the current document oriented Web offers, it's still possible to stumble across poignant gems such as this statement from InspireUX :

The statement above resonates with a lot of my fundamental views about the essence of Web. It also drives right at the core of what we are trying to address with the OpenLink Data Explorer (ODE) which simply isn't about Linked Data visualization, but the combination of visualization, user interaction, and unobtrusive exposure and exploitation of Linked Data Entities culled from the existing Web of Linked Documents. ODE consumes and processes URIs or URLs. Thus, as long as the (X)HTML container / host document keeps URIs or URLs in "agent view", ODE will give you the option to interact with the-data-behind Web information resources (e.g., Web Pages, Images, Audio etc..)

Do remember, "mission-critical" is no longer a corporate / enterprise theme. The lines of demarcation between the individual and enterprise are blurring at warp speed.