Here are some demonstrations of (X)HTML based representations of resource descriptions from Freebase, DBpedia, BBC Music Beta, CrunchBase, OpenCyc, and UMBEL etc. What is really being demonstrated here is the use of Proxy / Wrapper URIs to expose powerful links across entities distilled from their container documents (or information resources). Of course, you see exactly the same technique in action whenever you visit DBpedia pages. Again, we are moving the concept of Linking from the document to document level, down to the document-entity to document-entity level. The evolution of network link focal points is illustrated in slides 15 to 22 of my Linked Data Planet presentation remix.

Live Examples

  1. Abraham Lincoln - Freebase (note: link from Freebase to DBpedia via Wikipedia)
  2. Amazon - CrunchBase (note: links from CruncBase to DBpedia)
  3. Cold Play - BBC Music Beta (note: links to Musicbrainz)
  4. Linked Data Planet Presentation - Also a Slidy, Bibo Ontology, and RDFa usage example
  5. Music - OpenCyc Concept which exposes a Hyperdata link to its equivalent UMBEL Subject Concept and back

Virtuoso's RDFization Middleware & Linked Data Deployment Architecture Diagram

Note: You can substitute my examples using any Web resource URL. The underlying RDFization and Linked Data deployment functionality of the Virtuoso demo instance takes care of everything else. Also note that the HTML based resource description page capability is now deployed as part of the Virtuoso Sponger component of every Virtuoso installation starting with from version 5.0.8.