As a compliment to the most recent Linked Data Design Issues note by TimBL, I would like to add this subtle tweak to the enumerated rules:

  1. Identify or Name things using HTTP URIs
  2. Describe things using the RDF metadata model
  3. Increase link data mesh density on the Web by linking (referring) to things in other data spaces using their HTTP URIs.

If you perform the steps above, on any HTTP network (e.g. World Wide Web), you implicitly bind the Names/Identifiers of things to negotiable representations of their metadata (description) bearing documents.

Also note, you can create and deploy the resulting RDF metadata using any of the following approaches:

  1. RDFa within (X)HTML documents
  2. N3, Turtle, TriX, RDF/XML etc. based documents
  3. Programmatically generated variants of 1&2.