Personally, I believe that we've actually reached a watershed moment re. the evolution of the Web from a mesh of Linked Data Containers (Web of Linked Documents) to a mesh of Linked Data Items (entities or real world objects).

The journey towards this watershed moment started with the Semantic Web Project, gained focus and pragmatism via the Linked Data meme, attained substance & credibility via efforts such as DBpedia and the resulting cloud of Open Linked Data Spaces, and finally arrived at the most important destination of all: broad comprehension and coherence, via RDFa.

Over the years, I've chronicled the journey above via entries in this particular data space (my blog) and most recently, via my rapid-fire comments and debates on Twitter (basically hastag #linkeddata account: kidehen).

On a parallel front re. my chronicles, I've periodically had conversations with Jon Udell, who has always provided a coherent sounding board and reconciliation framework for my world views and open data access vision; naturally, this has a lot to do with his holistic grasp of the big picture issues, associated technical details, and special communication prowess :-)

Against this backdrop, I refer you to my most recent podcast conversation with Jon, which is about how the tandem of HTML+RDFa and the GoodRelations vocabulary deliver the critical missing links re. broad comprehension of the Semantic Web vision en route to mass exploitation.