We have just released an Amazon EC2 based public Snapshot of DBpedia 3.4. Thus, you can now instantiate a personal and/or service specific variant of the DBpedia 3.4 Linked Data Space. Basically, you can replicate what we host, within minutes (as opposed to days). In addition, you no longer need to squabble --on an unpredictable basis with others-- for the infrastructure resources behind DBpedia's public instance, when using the SPARQL Endpoint, Faceted Search & Find Services, or HTML Browser Pages etc.

How Does It work?

  1. Instantiate a Virtuoso EC2 AMI (paid variety, which is aggressively priced at $49.99 for setup and $19.99 per month thereafter)
  2. Mount the shared DBpedia 3.4 public snapshot
  3. Start Virtuoso Server
  4. Start exploiting the DBpedia Linked Data Space.

What Interfaces are exposed?

  1. SPARQL Endpoint
  2. Linked Data Viewer Pages (as you see in the public DBpedia instance)
  3. Faceted Search & Find UI and Web Services (REST or SOAP)
  4. All the inference rules for UMBEL, SUMO, YAGO, OpenCYC, and DBpedia-OWL data dictionaries
  5. Type Correlations Between DBpedia and Freebase