Here are 5 powerful benefits you can immediately derive from the combination of Virtuoso and Amazon's AWS services (specifically the EC2 and EBS components):

  1. Acquire your own personal or service specific data space in the Cloud. Think DBase, Paradox, FoxPRO, Access of yore, but with the power of Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server etc.. using a Conceptual, as opposed to solely Logical, model based DBMS (i.e., a Hybrid DBMS Engine for: SQL, RDF, XML, and Full Text)
  2. Ability to share and control access to your resources using innovations like FOAF+SSL, OpenID, and OAuth, all from one place
  3. Construction of personal or organization based FOAF profiles in a matter of minutes; by simply creating a basic DBMS (or ODS application layer) account; and then using this profile to create strong links (references) to all your Data silos (esp. those from the Web 2.0 realm)
  4. Load data sets from the LOD cloud or Sponge existing Web resources (i.e., on the fly data transformation to RDF model based Linked Data) and then use the combination to build powerful lookup services that enrich the value of URLs (think: Web addressable reports holding query results) that you publish
  5. Bind all of the above to a domain that you own (e.g. a .Name domain) so that you have an attribution-friendly "authority" component for resource URLs and Entity URIs published from your Personal Linked Data Space on the Web (or private HTTP network).

In a nutshell, the AWS Cloud infrastructure simplifies the process of generating Federated presence on the Internet and/or World Wide Web. Remember, centralized networking models always end up creating data silos, in some context, ultimately! :-)