I am the Data Container, Disseminator, and Canvas.
I came to be when the cognitive skills of mankind deemed oral history inadequate.
I am transcendent, I take many forms, but my core purpose is constant - Container, Disseminator, and Canvas.
I am dexterous, so I can be blank, partitioned horizontally, horizontally and vertically, and if you get moi excited and I'll show you fractals.
I am accessible in a number of ways, across a plethora of media.
I am loose, so you can access my content too.
I am loose in a cool way, so you can refer to moi independent of my content.
I am cool in a loose way, so you can refer to my content independent of moi.
I am even cool and loose enough to let you figure out stuff from my content including how its totally distinct from moi.
I am possessive about my coolness, so all Containment, Dissemination, and Canvas requirements must first call upon moi, wherever I might be.
If you postulate about my demise or irrelevance, across any medium, I will punish you with confusion!
I just told you who I am.
Lesson to be learned..
When something tells you what it is, and it is as powerful as I, best you believe it.
BTW -- I am Okay with HTTP response code 200 OK :-)