Here is an interesting from Enterprise Systems Journal by Jim McGee titled: The Invisibility of Knowledge Work.

Here is a an interesting and insightful quote from the article that resonates with me:

Invisibility is an accidental and little-recognized characteristic of digital knowledge work. Seeing the problem is the first step to a solution. While better technology tools will play an important role, the next steps are changes in attitude and behavior at the individual and work group level. For example, organizing your own digital files into project-related directories can help, but not if you continue to name files "FinalPresentationNN.doc" where NN is some number between 1 and 15 representing a crude effort at version control. Embed more information in the file name where you know it will be visible even as you e-mail it around the organization. Use more informative subject lines on your email. Those file names and subject lines should provide the best clues possible as to what will be found inside.

The quote above strikes a chord with me because I have spent a majority of my professional career working on technology that is aimed at Information and Knowledge workers. It also has uncanny timing as it sheds light on a major aspect of the next major release ofVirtuosothat aims to continue the process of unveiling theintrinsic value of Unified Storage (SQL, XML, and Multimedia content)for Knowledge workers.

We are already experiencing a rapid build up of XML content and binary data withXML basedmetadata annotations as a result ofthe networkeffects of the Blogosphere and Wikisphere. This content explosion ultimately provides context forunderstanding the value of URIs association withcollections of physically (e.g hierarchical directory structure) or logically (Tagging or Dynamic Filtering)partitioned content.

To be continued..