Better late than never! Oraclehas announced the commencement of a journeythat we completed in 2002 (across Microsoft .NET and Mono). Hopefully, their support of CRL Runtime Hosting will bring added clarity to the intrinsic value of the multi-language bindings via the ECMA-CLI that facilitate the development and deployment of DBMS Stored Procedures using a plethora of languages (ditto creation of User Defined Types, Function, Table Value Functions).

I also hope that Oracle will support Mono -off the bat- rather thantaking the typical"we will port to Mono sometime in the future..." type message whichwill not be acceptable, especially as we pulled this off first time around in2002 (as atop Mono then). Thus,I am sure they can do it in 2005 :-)

Hopefully we should be able to add Oracle 10g Release 2 and DB2 to our SQL CLR hosting features comparison document that currently only covers SQL Server 2005 and Virtuoso.