MySQL's essential core has been acquired by Oracle. This is yet another warning salvo to the legions of developers out there (especially the Open Source tribe) that write database specific applications. I have been warning about database specific application development myopia for a very long time!

There is a countdown that is pretty much in motion as a result of the latest move by Oracle. If Open Source developers want to alleviate the inevitable despair, they will need to revisit the issue of decoupling those MySQL specific applications via a re-binding effort to database independent call level interfaces such as ODBC (using iODBC or unixODBC).

For those MySQL users that think binding to ODBC is too hard, simply take a look at the two year old MySQL2ODBC SDK. It will not stop you from using MySQL, it simply separates your intellectual capital (the application logic) from the data storage (DBMS engine). You can still use ODBC to talk to MySQL, but you won't be locked into an inheritance tree that is susceptible to the inevitable strategic assaults on MySQL.