While perusing Stephan Decker's home page (following the discovery of this post titled: Database Community and the Semantic Web ) I came across a nice and ultimately semantically loaded statement containing a lot of important connectors:

The Semantic Web is only the beginning and an enabling technology for realizing the dreams of Vannevar Bush, Doug Engelbart and Tim Berners-Lee: My current and future objective is the creation and wide dissemination of the next generation collaboration and augmentation infrastructure - the Social Semantic Desktop.

To ensure the loop is closed I have deliberately added the following references to this post: Vannevar Bush wrote the seminal article; "As We May Think" in which he describes a theoretical analog computer called: "The Memex" - a World Wide Web precursor. This document was also a source of inspiration for Ted Nelson (discussed briefly in an earlier post re. compatibility of his his vision and those of Tim Berners-Lee).