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  • Meet LOD Community Members
  • Participate in Workshop

Meeting LOD Community Members

Although the Web continues to shrink the planet by removing the restrictions of geopgrahic location, meeting people face-to-face remains invaluable (*priceless in Mastercard AD speak*). Naturally, meeting and chatting with as many LOD community members as possible was high up on my agenda.

Participate in Workshop

As one of the co-chairs of the Linking Open Data Workshop (LODW), I had a 5 minute workshop opening slot during which I spoke about the following:

Where we are today:

We have DBpedia as a major hub on the burgeoning Linked Data Web. When OpenLink offered to host DBpedia (a combination of Virtuoso DBMS Software and sizable backend Hardware infrastructure), it did so knowing that such an effort would emphatically address the "chicken and egg" conundrum that, prior to this undertaking, stifled the ability to demonstrate practical utility of HTTP based Linked Data.

Today, the Linked Data bootstrap mission has been accomplished.

Where we go next:

Although DBpedia is a hub (ground zero of Linked Data), we have to put it into perspective in relation to a new set of needs and expectations moving forward. Today, DBpedia is a Sun at the heart of a Solar System within the Linked Data Galaxy. But unlike Space as we know it, in Cyberspace we can have connectivity and collaboration across Solar Systems -- life exists elsewhere and we are part of a collaborative collective unimpeded by constraints of space travel etc. Thus, expect to see the emergence of other Solar Systems accessible to DBpedia and its collections of planets (see. LOD diagram). Examples underway include UMBEL which will serve the Linked Data planets from OpenCyc (Subject Matter Concepts), Yago (Named Entities), and Bio2RDF (which provides powerful Bio Informatics based Linked Data planet).

I urged the community to veer more aggressively towards developing and demonstrating practical Linked Data driven solutions that are aligned to well known problems. Of course, I encouraged all presenters to make this an integral part of their presentations :-)

Workshop Summary:

The workshop was well attended and I found all the presentations engaging and full of enthusiasm.

As the sessions progressed, it became clear during a number of accompanying Q&A sessions that a new Linked Data exploitation frontier is emerging. The frontier in question takes the form of a Linked Data substrate capable of addressing the taxonomic needs of solutions aimed at automated Named Entity Extraction, Disambiguation, Subject matter Concept alignment, transparently integrated with existing Web Content. Thus, we are moving beyond the minting and deployment of of dereferencable URIs and RDF data sets to automagically associating existing Web Content with Named Entities (People, Organizations, Places, Events etc..) and Subject matter Concepts (Politics, Music, Sports, and others) while remaining true to the Linking Open Data Community creed i.e. ensuring the Named Entity and Subject matter Concept URIs are available to user agents or users seeking to produce alternative data views (i.e. Mesh-ups).

I will get to part 2 of this report once the actual workshop sessions slides go live (*these are different from the pre-event PDFs links*).