It's getting really hot in Linked Data land! Two days agoBenjamin Nowackpinged the LOD community about hisRDFization of Crunchbase(sample (X)HTML view: courtesy of Crounchbase releasing an API. As you know, I've always equated Web Service API to Database CLIs (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET etc.) as both offer code level hooks into Data Spaces.

Naturally, we've decided to join the Crunchbase RDFization party, and have just completed a Virtuoso Sponger Cartridge (an RDFizer) for Crouncbase. What we add in our particular cartridge is additional meshing with DBpedia and Wikicompany Linked Data Spaces, plus RDFizaton of the Crunchbase (X)HTML pages :-)

As I've postulated for a while, Linked Data is about data "Meshing" and "Meshups". This isn't a buzzword play. I am pointing out an important distinction between "Mashups" and "Meshpus". Which goes as follows: "Mashups" are about code level joining devoid of structured modelling, hence the revelation of code as opposed to data when you look behind a "Mashup". "Meshups" on the other hand, are about joining disparate structured data sources across the Web. And when you look behind a "Meshup" you see structured data (preferably Linked Data) that enables further "Meshing".

I truly believe that we are now inches away from critical mass re. Linked Data, and because we are dealing with data, the network-effect will be sky-high! I shudder to think about the state of the Linked Data Web in 12 months time. Yes, I am giving the explosion 12 months (or less). These are very exciting times.

Demo Links:

For best experience I encourage you to look at theOpenLink Data Explorer extensionfor Firefox (2.x - 3.x). This enables you to go to Crunchbase (X)HTML pages (and other sites on the Web of course), and then simply use the "View | Linked Data Sources" main or context menu sequence to unveil the Linked Data Sources associated with any Web Page.

Of course there is much more to come!