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  • %VOSWARNING% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="VOSNews"}% %VOSNAV% ---+Virtuoso Open Source Edition News (2009) %TOC% ---+++ 2009-10-20: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v6.0.0 OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.0.0: <i><b>***IMPORTANT NOTE***</b> The database format has substantially changed between VOS 5.x and VOS 6.x. To upgrade your database, you must dump all your data from your VOS 5.0 database and re-load it into VOS 6.0.</i> New product features include: * [[VirtuosoFacetsWebService][Faceted Data Exploration Engine]] & Web Services (REST or SOAP) for high-performance disambiguated entity search & find, across entity type and property dimensions * <code>ANY ORDER</code> Queries * Anytime Queries (basic and complex business intelligence style analytics queries) * Client-level resource accounting * Expressions in "<code>IN</code>" predicate * Inverse Functional Property Value enhanced Identity * Key compression * Transitive subqueries in SQL, SPARQL, and SPASQL (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLEDB, XMLA) * Enhanced [[VirtSponger][Sponger Middleware Layer]] * DBMS hosted Public Key Infrastructure for WebID Protocol based Federated Identity. ---+++ 2009-10-19: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v5.0.12 OpenLink Software is pleased to announce a new release of Virtuoso, Open-Source Edition, version 5.0.12 This version includes: ---++++ Database engine * Added Public Key Infrastructure UI in conductor * Added failover/roundrobin support for all client layers * Added support for vectors in IN predicate * Added various small engine optimizations and enhancements * Refactored JDBC driver * Imported PCRE version 7.9 from upstream project * Fixed XA support * Fixed performance of <code><nowiki>sprintf_more</nowiki></code> when using large buffers * Fixed memory leaks * Fixed HTTP various issues with <code>HEAD</code> and <code>POST</code> * Fixed serialization on HTTP connection cache * Fixed allow client to run during online backup * Fixed small bugs and compiler warnings ---++++ SPARQL and RDF * Added SPARQL graph-level security * Added new RDFa parser * Added support for Concise Bound Description * Added optimization for <code>bif:COUNT</code> * Added optimization for <code>OPTIONAL</code> * Added support for <code>SCORE_LIMIT</code> in <code>bif:contains</code> * Added support for <code>text/n3</code> mime type * Added support for <code>NVARCHAR</code>, <code>BIGINT</code> in SPARQL and RDFViews * Added support for exclude-result-prefixes * Added support to crawl with multiple threads * Added support for NQUAD, JSON and N-Triples * Added support for DSA certificates * Added MS Docs, Open Office, Google app cartridges * Added CNET, YELP, TESCO, ZILLOW cartridges * Added <nowiki>GoodRelations</nowiki>, <nowiki>GeoNames</nowiki>, <nowiki>BestBuy</nowiki> cartridges * Added Alchemy, Yahoo Boss, Picasa, haudio cartridges * Added cache for common ontologies * Improved support for <code>rdf:XMLLiteral</code> exp in RDF loaders * Fixed handling of special characters in IRI * Fixed RDF view generation * Fixed and enhanced <code>description.vsp</code> * Fixed and enhanced iSPARQL * Fixed charset handling for cartridges ---++++ ODS Applications * Added checks for dynamic local * Added expiration so sponger can track changes * Added support for conversations * Added '<code>GROUP BY</code>' handling for listed messages * Added 'Related' section in posts * Added new API and Ubiquity commands * Added hCard microformat * Added Ontology based editing * Added OpenSearch support * Added support for Smart Folders * Fixed <nowiki>OpenID</nowiki>, WebID Protocol * Fixed wiki attachments "upstreaming" * Fixed RDF gems * Fixed UI profile * Fixed mail filters * Fixed <code>atom-pub</code> protocol * Fixed rewrite rules * Fixed tag URIs * Fixed small bugs ---+++ 2009-04-22: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v6.0 Technology Preview 1 <i><b>***IMPORTANT NOTE***</b> The database format has substantially changed between VOS 5.x and VOS 6.x. To upgrade your database, you must dump all your data from your VOS 5.0 database and re-load it into VOS 6.0.</i> Currently under very active development, this introduces a new branch for Virtuoso with: * ANY ORDER Queries * Anytime Queries * Client-level resource accounting * Expressions in "<code>IN</code>" predicate * Facet Browsing Engine * Inverse Functional Property Value enhanced Identity * Key compression * Transitive subqueries in both SQL and SPARQL ---+++ 2009-04-22: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v5.0.11 This version includes: ---++++ Database engine * Added x.509 Certificate Generation & Management functions * Improvements to session-handling (<code>strses</code>) to avoid temp-files and improve threading support * Added initial support for gzipped stream session * Added support for HTTP, socks4 and socks5 proxying with authentication options * Added support for URIQA methods in <code>http_client()</code> * Added support for gunzip in <code>http_client</code> * Various fixes for FT optimization, fractions in datetime, checkpoint-rollback and the compile/build process. ---++++ SPARQL and RDF * Added compiler extensions for SPARQL graph-level security * Added initial implementation of RDF graph-level security metadata functions * Added initial infrastructure for new SPARQL result serialization * Added support for <code><nowiki>SSG_VALMODE_SHORT_OR_LONG</nowiki></code> * Added support for define <code>sparql-get:proxy</code> for RDF mappers * Enhanced N3 syntax support * Added support for XML literals in RDF/XML, SPARQL XML resultset and JSON outputs * Enhanced speed of TTL output * Fixed SPARQL/SPARUL security * [[][VoID]] graph generation for describing Quad Store ---++++ Sponger Cartridges Related * Added U.S. Congress Web service * Added Tag Lookup Meta Cartridge * Added <nowiki>GoodRelations</nowiki> and Barters for eCommerce Services * Added NYT Articles Lookup Meta Cartridge * Added OpenStreetMap Cartridge * Added O'Reilly Books Catalog Lookup Meta Cartridge * Added PowerPoint (PPTX) Cartridge * Added SCOT based Tag Cloud * Added Technocrati Lookup Meta Cartridge * Misc. fixes * Fixed GPF in rare case when using <code>NOT FROM / NOT FROM NAMED</code> * Fixed handling of class instance array * Fixed i18N issues with freetext search in RDF * Fixed i18N serialization of RDF/XML box * Fixed incorrect result when <code>Accept</code> is set to "<code>text/rdf-n3</code>" * Fixed passing retvals of variables from <code>OPTION()</code>, like <code>?SCORE ?x</code>, from deeply nested subselects ---++++ ODS Applications * Added WebID Protocol and WebID Protocol+<nowiki>OpenID</nowiki> * Added Bibliographical ontology usage in ODS Graph * Added Calendar API and upstream commands * Added "One-Click" X.509 Certificate, Private Key generation plus Browser import, and write to FOAF profile * Added Messaging Services * Added Relationships Ontology terms to ODS-AddressBook for qualifying relationships in Social Network * Added Biographical Ontology terms added to Profile Page UI * Added Support for MS Live Contacts API * Additional Ubiquity commands for relationship qualification in Social Network data spaces * Added Support for Portable contacts API * Fixed <nowiki>OpenID</nowiki> registration/auth in WebID Protocol+<nowiki>OpenID</nowiki> implementation ---+++ 2009-02-15: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v5.0.10 This version includes: ---++++ Database engine * Initial support for JDBC 4.x in the JDBC Driver * Self-signed certificates and optional client-verification in HTTPS * HTTP ACLs for rate-limiting * A new `TOP(N, -1)' function for skipping N rows prior to resultset construction * New INI-file options: <code>LiteMode</code> and <code>DisableTcpSocket</code> for thinner embeddable RDF or SQL RDBMS operation; <code>RdfFreeTextRulesSize</code> and <code>IndexTreeMaps</code> for better memory control * Fixes for a deadlock handler bug and various 64-bit issues and compiler warnings * Performance optimizations in the core database engine ---++++ RDF Data Management & Data Access * New Meta Cartridges for UMBEL, Calais, Zemanta, Hoovers and the New York Times * New Sponger cartridges for AB Meta, Last.FM, Twitter,, LibraryThing,, RadioPop, Rhapsody * Added support for WebID Protocol * New (X)HTML browser page for RDF Linked Data * SPASQL <code>ExtendedString</code> and <code>RdfBox</code> types in .NET * new CURIE-generation functions * Amazon S3 DET and WebDAV mounting * improved Turtle output presentation * Various SPARQL and SPARUL updates and extensions and fixes * Automated generating OWL from DB schema * Fixed memory leaks ---++++ ODS Application suite * New OAuth support * Support for WebID Protocol self-signed certificates written to in FOAF-based member profiles * Support for Amazon S3 folders in ODS-Briefcase * New contact fields in ODS-AddressBook * Ubiquity commands for interacting with all Data Spaces programmatically %VOSCOPY% CategoryVirtuoso CategoryOpenSource CategoryWebSite
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