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  • %VOSWARNING% %META:TOPICPARENT{name="VOSIndex"}% %VOSNAV% ---+ Virtuoso RDF %TOC% ---++ Introduction Comprehension of the long-envisioned Semantic (or Data) Web is rapidly being enabled by the increasing use and adoption of Web-2.0 concepts (read-and-write access to points of web-presence) and application profiles (blogs, wikis, shared bookmarks, tagging services, social networks, etc.). Users are already clamoring for open data-access to the walled-gardens and data-silos that currently define the majority of hosted services falling under the /Web-2.0/ banner. We are already reading and writing to points of web-presence through SOAP and REST-style Web Services, but are unable to integrate data within or across these emergent confines except through clumsily cobbled-together mash-ups. The era of the Semantic / Linked-Data Web - a time when we will construct mesh-ups where today we assemble mash-ups - is nigh. A confluence of industry standards and product developments is setting the stage for the next major evolutionary stage of the World Wide Web. Against this backdrop, Virtuoso's already extensive feature set has been bolstered to include: * [[VOSTriple][An RDF Triple Store]] * [[VOSSPARQL][SPARQL Query Language support]] * [[VOSSparqlProtocol][SPARQL Protocol support]] * [[VOSSQLSPARQL][Inline SPARQL integration within SQL]] * [[VOSBitmapIndexing][Bitmap Indexing and RDF Data Management]] * [[VOSSemanticBank][Implementation of the SIMILE project's HTTP-based Semantic Bank API]] * [[VirtRDFInsert][ RDF Insert Methods in Virtuoso]] ---++ Getting Started with SPARQL [[VOSSPARQLDemo][A live on-line demo]] shows how to get started with [[VOSSparqlProtocol][SPARQL Protocol-based queries]] that are executed by Virtuoso or third party SPARQL Query Services. See also [[][here]]. ---++ SPARQL Usage Samples * [[VOSODSSparqlSamples][Set of Sample RDF Queries]] * [[ODSSIOCRef][Collection of Queries against SIOC Ontology Instance Data]] ---++ Learn More * [[VOSRDFFAQ][RDF Triple Store FAQ]] * [[VOSRDFWP][Implementing a SPARQL compliant RDF Triple Store using a SQL-ORDBMS]] %VOSCOPY% CategoryVirtuoso CategoryWebSite CategoryOpenSource CategorySPARQL CategoryRDF CategoryVOS
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