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  • The OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI is an Amazon EC2 machine image with the latest Virtuoso open source technology preconfigured to run —

    • TPC-H , the classic of SQL data warehousing

    • LDBC SNB, the new Social Network Benchmark from the Linked Data Benchmark Council

    • LDBC SPB, the RDF/SPARQL Semantic Publishing Benchmark from LDBC

    This package is ideal for technology evaluators and developers interested in getting the most performance out of Virtuoso. This is also an all-in-one solution to any questions about reproducing claimed benchmark results. All necessary tools for building and running are included; thus any developer can use this model installation as a starting point. The benchmark drivers are preconfigured with appropriate settings, and benchmark qualification tests can be run with a single command.

    The Benchmarks AMI includes a precompiled, preconfigured checkout of the v7fasttrack github repository, checkouts of the github repositories of the benchmarks, and a number of running directories with all configuration files preset and optimized. The image is intended to be instantiated on a R3.8xlarge Amazon instance with 244G RAM, dual Xeon E5-2670 v2, and 600G SSD.

    Benchmark datasets and preloaded database files can be downloaded from S3 when large, and generated as needed on the instance when small. As an alternative, the instance is also set up to do all phases of data generation and database bulk load.

    The following benchmark setups are included:

    • TPC-H 100G
    • TPC-H 300G
    • LDBC SNB Validation
    • LDBC SNB Interactive 100G
    • LDBC SNB Interactive 300G (SF3)
    • LDBC SPB Validation
    • LDBC SPB Basic 256 Mtriples (SF5)
    • LDBC SPB Basic 1 Gtriple

    The AMI will be expanded as new benchmarks are introduced, for example, the LDBC Social Network Business Intelligence or Graph Analytics.

    To get started:

    1. Instantiate machine image ami-eb789280 (AMI ID is subject to change; you should be able to find the latest by searching for "OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks" in "Community AMIs"; this one is short-named virtuoso-bench-6) with a R3.8xlarge instance.

    2. Connect via ssh.

    3. See the README (also found in the ec2-user's home directory) for full instructions on getting up and running.

  • Introducing the OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2
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  • 2015-06-18T18:55:56Z
  • Introducing the OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2
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  • Introducing the OpenLink Virtuoso Benchmarks AMI on Amazon EC2
  • 2015-06-09T15:51:22Z
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