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  • Well, here's how I'm doing my part to win the hearts and minds of the semitnacally-challenged. I've launched a wiki directory that is open to any person, any business, any organization. It's running Semantic Mediawiki, so the juice for search engine ranking and ASK queries is built-in. Hoping to attract people who want to say something about themselves (or their enterprise) without worrying about some teenaged vandal messing with their page ( MARK RICHMOND SLEEPS WITH HIS PET FERRET ! ! ! LOLZ ! ! ), I've put single-user protection on all pages in the Directory that are about a living person or any legal entity. There's still community editing on the non-legal pages, though (like water , Lake Michigan , or heating oil ). That way, everybody can get the benefit of interlinking within the wiki, plus semantic tagging. For those too bothered by either wiki markup or semantic tags, we can create pages for a small fee. Oh, and users are allowed to advertise, sell, promote whatever on their own Directory page(s). If you're interested in adding your page to the 35,000 we have already, come visit
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  • Re:Virtuoso 6.2 brings New Features!
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  • 2012-10-23T17:49:57Z
  • Re:Virtuoso 6.2 brings New Features!
  • Re:Virtuoso 6.2 brings New Features!
  • 2012-10-23T17:49:57Z
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