Frequently Asked Questions

About OpenLink Software

What is OpenLink Software?
OpenLink Software is a privately-held software company that specializes in high-performance, scalable, and secure technology for data access, integration, virtualization, and management.
What is the purpose of the YouID product?
YouID is a credentials generator for self-signed verifiable credentials that supports pseudonymity.
What is the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS)?
OSDS is a browser extension for exploiting the combined prowess of a semantic web and new interaction frontiers opened up by large language models (LLMs)-based solutions such as ChatGPT.
What is the OpenLink Structured Data Inclusion Engine?
The OpenLink Structured Data Inclusion Engine is a modern content management tool for injecting structured data islands into webpages for search engine optimization in the new frontier unleashed by a semantic web combined with large language model (LLM)-based solutions such as ChatGPT.
What is the OpenLink Data Twingler?
The OpenLink Data Twingler is a modern bookmarking solution for saving threaded posts to a knowledge graph.
What is OpenLink Virtuoso?
OpenLink Virtuoso is a combined multi-model DBMS, HTTP application server, and Data Connectivity Middleware platform for modern data access, integration, and management.
What are OpenLink Data Access Drivers for ODBC and JDBC?
OpenLink Data Access Drivers for ODBC and JDBC are high-performance and secure data access drivers that enable the development and deployment of DBMS independent applications and services.
How does OpenLink Software support data integration?
OpenLink Software provides a comprehensive platform for data integration, encompassing data virtualization, data access, and data management solutions. This allows diverse data sources to be accessed and integrated seamlessly.
How secure are OpenLink Software solutions?
Security is a core priority in all OpenLink Software solutions. Our technologies provide secure data access, transfer, and storage, along with advanced features for identity management and authentication, such as in the YouID product.
How does OpenLink Software support the semantic web?
OpenLink Software is at the forefront of semantic web technologies, providing tools like the Structured Data Sniffer for exploring semantic web data, and the Virtuoso platform, which includes a powerful triple-store for storing and querying RDF data. The Structured Data Inclusion Engine further enables the embedding of structured semantic data into web pages.