We are committed to building relationships across the
System Integrator, Developer and Software Vendor communities.
Our products provide you with a cost-effective solution for
defending and extending your existing product and services markets.

Co-Marketing Program

This program is aimed at companies that seek a loose
relationship whereby our products are visibly offered in
conjunction with your product offerings during the business
development process. Typically, indicating compatibility and
between our products en route to sales recommendation, is the
essence of this particular program.

There are two levels to this program:

  • Exposure to our user base via program member showcases
  • Joint co-marketing activities where costs may be shared between
    both parties.

Integrated Business Partner (IBP) Programs

If your company is a large, medium or small firm that provides
application development, data integration, or consulting services
then this program is for you.

This program allows you to resell our products on a value added
reseller basis or sell on a referral basis whereby an accepted
referrer fee is negotiated. It also entitles you to official
addition to our partner directory which is exposed to our customer

IBP Fact Sheet for Virtuoso
IBP Fact Sheet for Universal Data Access (UDA)

Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program

If your company is an organization that develops and deploys
solutions requiring the complimentary services of sophisticated
data access and integration middleware, then this Partner Program
is for you.

This program allows you to acquire our products at a discount en
route to reselling to your customers as an add-on to your products.
As program members your products will also be exposed to our user
base via a variety of ISV related promotion activities.

ISV Fact Sheet for Virtuoso
ISV Fact Sheet for Universal Data Access (UDA)

Developer Partner Program

If you are various stages of product development where the sole
use of our technology is actual application development, then this
Developer program is for you.

This program enables you to acquire developer editions of our
products for internal development use only i.e., no resale.

Fact Sheet For Universal Data Access (UDA)

Fact Sheet For Virtuoso