621 variations of the "99 Bottles of Beer" programming puzzle implemented across a plethora of programming languages. Cool!

As I completed this post a bell went off! Why not use this for a quick live demo of Virtuoso's hosting capabilities? Starting off with something simple like PHP for instance?

So, I quickly did the following:

  1. Cut and pasted the PHP version of this programming puzzle into a text file (using notepad)
  2. Copy and pasted from my Windows Directory to my Virtuoso WebDAV directories on our Windows and Linux Virtuoso Demo Servers. I achieved this by creating Web Folders (Windows OS level WebDAV client-side feature).
  3. Used Virtuoso's HTTP Server feature to create a Virtual Directory
  4. Enabled executable file mode


PHP version of program running from a Virtuoso Server on Windows.

Ditto on Linux.

More to follow....