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September 22, 2010
14:20 The Business of Semantically Linked Data ("SemData")
I had the opportunity the other day to converse about the semantic technology business proposition i...
On webservices | web2.0 | web20 | rdf | oracle | semanticweb | web30
On technorati: webservices | web2.0 | web20 | rdf | oracle | semanticweb | web30
October 27, 2009
13:29 European Commission and the Data Overflow
The European Commission recently circulated a questionnaire to selected experts on what could be don...
April 27, 2009
17:28 Linked Data at WWW 2009 (#1 of 5)
(First of five posts related to the WWW 2009 conference, held the week of April 20, 2009.) We gave ...
March 25, 2009
10:50 Beyond Applications - Introducing the Planetary Datasphere (Part 2)
We have looked at the general implications of the DataSphere, a universal, ubiquitous database infr...
March 24, 2009
09:38 Beyond Applications - Introducing the Planetary Datasphere (Part 1)
This is the first in a short series of blog posts about what becomes possible when essentially unlim...
January 9, 2009
22:03 Faceted Search: Unlimited Data in Interactive Time
Why not see the whole world of data as facets? Well, we'd like to, but there is the feeling tha...
October 26, 2008
12:15 Virtuoso - Are We Too Clever for Our Own Good? (updated)
"Physician, heal thyself," it is said. We profess to say what the messaging of the semanti...
12:02 State of the Semantic Web, Part 2 - The Technical Questions (updated)
Here I will talk about some more technical questions that came up. This is mostly general; Virtuoso...
September 30, 2008
12:24 OpenLink Software's Virtuoso Submission to the Billion Triples Challenge
Introduction We use Virtuoso 6 Cluster Edition to demonstrate the following: Text and structured...
June 9, 2008
10:02 ESWC 2008
ESWC 2008 Yrjänä Rankka and I attended ESWC2008 on behalf of OpenLink. We were invited at the las...
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