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SAP, IBM Make Play for Oracle Database Customers With New DB2 Version

CNET reports:

There are a whopping 44,000 SAP customers running on Oracle databases, and IBM wants them. To get them, for the first time ever, it's optimized its enterprise database for a specific vendor's applications. The new version of DB, 8.2.2, will include a slew of SAP-optimized features, including self-tuning, self-configuration, silent install, dynamic storage allocation and more.

Wouldn't SAP be better served by simply making their application database independent via ODBC? This process really could have commenced years ago and prevented today's dilema: Your Partner has become Your most aggressive Competitor!

SAP tuned for specifically for DB2 or SAP tuned likewise for Microsoft SQL simply reeks of: "Same Sh*t different Pile".  Microsoft and IBM will emulate Oracle in due course regarding their assault on SAP's market if DBMS specificity remains the SAP data access API strategy (this is a simple fact).

SAP should be using its quest for DBMS independence to stimulate or contribute ODBC enhancements (should ODBC be lacking in areas critical to its application needs; it is available in Open Source form and across all major platforms). Should the ODBC API not be the problem, then it can push ODBC Driver vendors (DBMS vendors such as IBM included) to get their Drivers in shape (should they be lacking, I know our ODBC Drivers are absolutely fine for this kind of task).

Database specificity gets application vendors nowhere. You can only control your business development destiny by being database independent. When applications are database independent the intellectual capital that drives your applications is preserved. This is akin to building physical and logical firewalls around the ecosystem created by your products. This is much better that being a pseudo DBMS engine reseller for a future competitor.




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04/28/2005 21:52 GMT-0500 Modified: 06/22/2006 08:56 GMT-0500
Advertising In RSS

Advertising in RSS is just starting now, for all practical purposes. If we wanted to, as an industry, reject the idea, we could.

When XSL stylesheet integration becomes a standard feature across a majority of RSS readers the issue becomes moot. There is no need for industry wide rejection as this will ultimately come down to choice:  "To Filter" or "Not To Filter".
Adsense based RSS Advertising as currently implemented (bearing in mind the fundamental intent to perpetuate obtrusive advertising in a popular new realm) is hillarious when you really come to think about it.
XML and Obtrusiveness are mutually exclusive. This attempt to inject advertising into RSS may go down as one of the greatest pieces of XML tutorial material of all time. It could also serve as yet another example of how Web 2.0 is fundamentally different from Web 1.0.
Will we ever truly comprehend the unadulterated meaning of: "Free Will" ?
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04/28/2005 19:56 GMT-0500 Modified: 06/22/2006 08:56 GMT-0500
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