We are just about done with an end-to-end workflow pattern that enables reconstitution of DBpedia 3.2 instances in the Clouds courtesy of Virtuoso and EC2.

Basically this is how it works.

  1. Instantiate a Virtuoso EC2 AMI (paid variety)
  2. Install the special EC2 extensions (ec2ext_dav.vad) VAD via the Conductor UI or iSQL
  3. Restore the Virtuoso+DBpedia backup from our S3 bucket
  4. After approx. 1 hr, you will have a complete DBpedia replica in your own data space on the Linked Data Web.

DBpedia replica implies:

  1. SPARQL Endpoint
  2. Linked Data Viewer Pages (as you see in the public DBpedia instance)
  3. All requisite re-write rules for URI de-referencing and attribution (i.e., low cost triples that links back to main DBpedia using terms from our little Attribution Ontology)
  4. All the inference rules for UMBEL, YAGO, OpenCYC, and DBpedia-OWL data dictionaries
  5. All Full Text Indexes
  6. All Bitmap Indexes.

Tomorrow is the official go live day (due to last minute price changes), but you can instantiate a paid Virtuoso AMI starting now :-)

To be continued...