Google has just unveiled a Web 2.0 initiative in the form of a Web Services interface for its AdWords service. You can now programmatically interact with Google's keyword based advertising service using SOAP calls (with service signature described using WSDL).

An immediate implication is that you can generate Google AdWords based adds using any development environment (Virtuoso's SQL Stored Procedure Language,  any .NET bound language, Java, C/C++, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, TCL etc.) that supports SOAP, WSDL, and I would presume WS-Security.

An even more interesting offshoot of this initiative from Google, is the fact that it could bring a degree of clarity to the issue of multi-protocol and multi-purpose servers (what I call Universal Servers e.g. OpenLink Virtuoso). For instance, you could manage AdWords campaigns across product portfolios using Triggers (the SQL database kind) or Notification Services.