Solutions to allow XMLHttpRequest to talk to external services: "

Over on they published Fixing AJAX: XmlHttpRequest Considered Harmful.

This article discusses a few ways to get around the security constraints that we have to live with in the browsers theses days, in particular, only being able to talk to your domain via XHR.

The article walks you through three potential solutions:

  1. Application proxies. Write an application in your favorite programming language that sits on your server, responds to XMLHttpRequests from users, makes the web service call, and sends the data back to users.
  2. Apache proxy. Adjust your Apache web server configuration so that XMLHttpRequests can be invisibly re-routed from your server to the target web service domain.
  3. Script tag hack with application proxy (doesn't use XMLHttpRequest at all). Use the HTML script tag to make a request to an application proxy (see #1 above) that returns your data wrapped in JavaScript. This approach is also known as On-Demand JavaScript.

I can't wait for Trusted Relationships within the browser - server infrastructure.

With respect to Apache proxies, these things are priceless. I recently talked about them in relation to Migrating data centers with zero downtime.

What do you guys think about this general issue? Have you come up with any interesting solutions? Any ideas on how we can keep security, yet give us the freedom that we want?

(Via Ajaxian Blog.)

Well here is what I think (actually know):

Our Virtuoso Universal Server has been sitting waiting to deliver this for years (for the record see the Virtuoso 2000 Press Release). Virtuoso can proxy for disparate data sources and expose disparate data as Well-Formed XML using an array of vocabularies (you experience this SQL-XML integration on the fly every time you interact with various elements of my public blog).

Virtuoso has always been able to expose Application Logic as SOAP and/or RESTful/RESTian style XML Web Services. This blog's search page is a simple demo of this capability.

Virtuoso is basically a Junction Box / Aggregator / Proxy for disparate Data, Applications, Services, and BPEL compliant business processes. AJAX clients talk to this single multi-purpose server which basically acts as a conduit to content/data, services, and processes (which are composite services).

BTW - there is a lot more, but for now, thou shall have to seek in order to find :-)