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August 18, 2014
16:55 LOD2 Finale (part 2 of n): The 500 Giga-triples
No epic is complete without a descent into hell. Enter the historia calamitatum of the 500 Giga-tri...
16:55 LOD2 Finale (part 1 of n): RDF Before The Dawn
The LOD2 FP7 ends at the end of August, 2014. This post begins a series that will crown the project ...
May 28, 2014
17:12 In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 15 of n): TPC-H and the Science of Hash
This piece is dedicated to Peter Boncz, architect of Actian Vector and MonetDB. Query optimization ...
May 1, 2014
13:07 In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 14 of n): Virtuoso TPC-H Implementation Analysis
In the previous article we saw an unofficial result of running the full workload. Here we will look ...
April 28, 2014
12:10 In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 13 of n): Virtuoso TPC-H Kit Now on V7 Fast Track
This article shows how you can reproduce the TPC-H experiments from the previous posts in this serie...
April 22, 2014
11:33 In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 12 of n): TPC-H: Result Preview
In this article, we look at the 100 GB single-server results for the whole workload. We will call t...
April 7, 2014
12:30 In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 11 of n): TPC-H Q2, Q10 - Late Projection
Analytics is generally about making something small out of something large. This reduction is obtai...
March 31, 2014
11:49 OpenPHACTS in Vienna
Hugh Williams and I (Orri Erling) went to the Open PHACTS Steering Committee meeting in Vienna last...
March 20, 2014
16:03 In Hoc Signo Vinces (part 10 of n): TPC-H Q9, Q17, Q20 - Predicate Games
TPC-H is a hash join game. The rules do allow indices, but maintaining these takes time, and indice...
March 18, 2014
10:45 Linked Geospatial Data 2014 Workshop, Part 4: GeoKnow, London, Brussels, The Message
Last Friday (2014-03-14) I gave a talk about GeoKnow at the EC Copernicus Big Data workshop. This wa...
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