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July 15, 2006
14:11 GeoRSS & Geonames for Philanthropy re. Kiva Microfinance
(Via Geospatial Semantic Web Blog.) GeoRSS & Geonames for Philanthropy: " I heard about Ki...
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October 27, 2005
20:39 Nice Collection of Nigerian Photos
Emeil Jegen's Photo Gallery covering parts of Nigeria. Well another addition to my "Seriou...
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October 22, 2005
14:41 Africa and the net effects of Global Warming (long-term)
Grim Outlook for Africa's Future: "Africa accounts for only a tiny percentage of the fossil...
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October 1, 2003
22:44 The Nigerian SCO Connection
I am a Nigerian reminiscing as my country that turns 43 today (as a post-colonial independent nati...
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