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July 19, 2006
04:41 Origins of the Term: Middleware
A nice link to a 2005 post Nick Gall about the Origins of the term: Middleware
00:26 New Toolkit for Rich Web Applications
New Toolkit for Rich Web Applications: " The other day I ran into Jitsu, a new toolkit for cr...
under category: Content Syndication
July 18, 2006
15:21 Intermediate RDF Bulk Loading (Wikipedia & Wordnet) Experiment Results
Orri shares his findings from internal experimentation re. Virtuoso and bulk loading RDF content su...
July 17, 2006
21:46 Web 2.0 Self-Experiment aids Web 3.0 comprehension
Web 2.0 Self-Experiment: " I shopped for everything except food on eBay. When working with ...
under category: Semantic Web | Web Services
July 15, 2006
14:11 GeoRSS & Geonames for Philanthropy re. Kiva Microfinance
(Via Geospatial Semantic Web Blog.) GeoRSS & Geonames for Philanthropy: " I heard about Ki...
under category: SQL | Semantic Web | Content Syndication | XML
July 13, 2006
21:59 Object Relational Rediscovered?
Microsoft's recent unveiling of the next generation of ADO.NET has pretty much crystalized a lon...
21:42 RDF's History
We are getting very close to a Semantic Web watershed moment (IMHO). Thus, for the purpose of histor...
June 5, 2003
22:47 Linux vs SCO: An opinion from the BSD point of view.
Linux vs SCO: An opinion from the BSD point of view. <P> Greg Lehey has written an excellent a...
under category: Commentary
May 12, 2003
22:50 What's a Wiki?
What's a Wiki? While blogs are the hot topic in Web-based communication forums, wikis are growin...
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