Terminology is a pain to construct, and an even bigger pain to diffuse effectively, when dealing with large collections of superficially heterogeneous, and factually homogeneous, interlinked individuals.

In my "Linked Data & Web Information BUS" post (plus a few LOD mailing list posts), I had the delight and displeasure (on the brain primarily) of attempting to get terminology right with regards to Information- and Non-Information Web Resources. I eventually settled for Data Sources instead of the simpler and more obvious term: Data Resources :-)

Thus, I redefine the URIs from earlier past as follows:

    http://demo.openlinksw.com/Northwind/Customer/ALFKI (Information Resource)
    http://demo.openlinksw.com/Northwind/Customer/ALFKI#this (Data Resource)

Thanks to today's internet connectivity, it took a simple Skype ping from Mike Bergman, and a 30 minute (or so) session that followed for us to arrive at "Data Resource" as a clearer term for Non Information Resources.

Mike has promised to write a detailed post covering our Linked Data and the Structured Web terminology meshing odyssey.