What is Neurocommons?

Excerpted from the project home page:

The NeuroCommons project seeks to make all scientific research materials - research articles, annotations, data, physical materials - as available and as useable as they can be. We do this by both fostering practices that render information in a form that promotes uniform access by computational agents - sometimes called "interoperability". We want knowledge sources to combine meaningfully, enabling semantically precise queries that span multiple information sources.

In a nutshell, a great project that makes practical use of Linked Data Web technology in the areas of computational biology and neuroscience.

What is Virtuoso and Neurocommons AMI for EC2?

A pre-installed and fully tuned edition of Virtuoso that includes a fully configured Neurocommons Knowledgebase (in RDF Linked Data form) on Amazon's EC2 Cloud platform.


Generally, it provides a no-hassles mechanism for instantiating personal-, organization-, or service-specific instances of a very powerful research knowledgebase within approximately 1.15 hours compared to a lengthy rebuild from RDF source data alternative that takes 14 hours or more, depending on machine hardware configuration and host operating system resources.


  1. Neurocommons public instance functionality replica (re. RDF and (X)HTML resource description representations & SPARQL endpoint)
  2. Local URI de-referencing (so no contention with public endpoint) as part of the RDF Linked Data Deployment
  3. Fully tuned Virtuoso instance for neurocommons knowledgebase.

Installation Guide

Simply read the Virtuoso+NeuroCommons EC2 AMI installation guide.