Your Life, Profession, Web, and Internet do not need to become mutually exclusive due to "information overload".


A platform or service that delivers a point of online presence that embodies the fundamental separation of: Identity, Data Access, Data Representation, Data Presentation, by adhering to Web and Internet protocols.


Typical post installation (Local or Cloud) task sequence:

  1. Identify myself (happens automatically by way of registration)
  2. If in an LDAP environment, import accounts or associate system with LDAP for account lookup and authentication
  3. Identify Online Accounts (by fleshing out profile) which also connects system to online accounts and their data
  4. Use Profile for granular description (Biography, Interests, WishList, OfferList, etc.)
  5. Optionally upstream or downstream data to and from my online accounts
  6. Create content Tagging Rules
  7. Create rules for associating Tags with formal URIs
  8. Create automatic Hyperlinking Rules for reuse when new content is created (e.g. Blog posts)
  9. Exploit Data Portability virtues of RSS, Atom, OPML, RDFa, RDF/XML, and other formats for imports and exports
  10. Automatically tag imported content
  11. Use function-specific helper application UIs for domain specific data generation e.g. AddressBook (optionally use vCard import), Calendar (optionally use iCalendar import), Email, File Storage (use WebDAV mount with copy and paste or HTTP GET), Feed Subscriptions (optionally import RSS/Atom/OPML feeds), Bookmarking (optionally import bookmark.html or XBEL) etc..
  12. Optionally enable "Conversation" feature (today: Social Media feature) across the relevant application domains (manage conversations under covers using NNTP, the standard for this functionality realm)
  13. Generate HTTP based Entity IDs (URIs) for every piece of data in this burgeoning data space
  14. Use REST based APIs to perform CRUD tasks against my data (local and remote) (SPARQL, GData, Ubiquity Commands, Atom Publishing)
  15. Use OpenID, OAuth, FOAF+SSL, FOAF+SSL+OpenID for accessing data elsewhere
  16. Use OpenID, OAuth, FOAF+SSL, FOAF+SSL+OpenID for Controlling access to my data (Self Signed Certificate Generation, Browser Import of said Certificate & associated Private Key, plus persistence of Certificate to FOAF based profile data space in "one click")
  17. Have a simple UI for Entity-Attribute-Value or Subject-Predicate-Object arbitrary data annotations and creation since you can't pre model an "Open World" where the only constant is data flow
  18. Have my Personal URI (Web ID) as the single entry point for controlled access to my HTTP accessible data space

I've just outlined a snippet of the capabilities of the OpenLink Data Spaces platform. A platform built using OpenLink Virtuoso, architected to deliver: open, platform independent, multi-model, data access and data management across heterogeneous data sources.

All you need to remember is your URI when seeking to interact with your data space.


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