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February 17, 2010
16:38 Re-introducing the Virtuoso Virtual Database Engine
In recent times a lot of the commentary and focus re. Virtuoso has centered on the RDF Quad Store an...
January 31, 2010
17:43 What is the DBpedia Project? (Updated)
The recent Wikipedia imbroglio centered around DBpedia is the fundamental driver for this particul...
17:29 5 Game Changing Things about the OpenLink Virtuoso + AWS Cloud Combo
Here are 5 powerful benefits you can immediately derive from the combination of Virtuoso and Amazo...
under category: Virtual Database | SQL | Semantic Web
January 8, 2009
04:36 New ADO.NET 3.x Provider for Virtuoso Released (Update 2)
I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Virtuoso ADO.NET 3.5 data provider for Mi...
August 27, 2008
18:16 Crunchbase & Semantic Web Interview (Remix - Update 1)
After reading Bengee's interview with CrunchBase, I decided to knock up a quick interview remix ...
April 10, 2008
18:09 Linked Data enabling PHP Applications
Daniel lewis has penned a variation of post about Linked Data enabling PHP applications such as: Wo...
January 17, 2008
22:59 Semantic Data Web Epiphanies: One Node at a Time
In 2006, I stumbled across Jason Kolb (online) via a 4-part series of posts titled: Reinventing the ...
under category: Data Access | SQL | Content Syndication
October 20, 2006
23:55 Birds of a Feather Flock Together - Mac OS X & Rails
A very cool video promo for Ruby on Rails and Mac OS X, or should I say: 37 Signals & Apple :-) ...
under category: Virtual Database | Data Access | SQL
May 5, 2006
16:02 "Free" Databases: Express vs. Open-Source RDBMSs
Very detailed and insightful peek into the state of affairs re. database engines (Open & Close...
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