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February 17, 2010
16:38 Re-introducing the Virtuoso Virtual Database Engine
In recent times a lot of the commentary and focus re. Virtuoso has centered on the RDF Quad Store an...
May 2, 2008
21:44 Comments about recent Semantic Gang Podcast
After listening to the latest Semantic Web Gang podcast, I found myself agreeing with some of the po...
under category: Virtual Database | Semantic Web
March 27, 2008
18:41 The Cost of doing the Right Thing
One of the biggest impediments to the adoption of technology is the cost burden typically associated...
under category: Semantic Web
On rdf | semanticweb | web30 | sparql | howto | screencast | openlink | DataSpace
February 9, 2007
01:46 Hello Data Web (Take 2 - with Screenshots)
While I continue to wrestle with screencast production etc.. Here is are some screenshots that guide...
under category: Demos
On semanticweb | sparql | howto | screencast
On technorati: semanticweb | sparql | howto | screencast
February 8, 2007
19:13 Hello Data Web!
The simple demo use our Ajax based Visual Query Builder for the SPARQL Query Language (this isn'...
under category: Demos | Semantic Web
On ajax | web2.0 | web20 | rdf | semanticweb | sparql | howto | screencast | javascript
On technorati: ajax | web2.0 | web20 | rdf | semanticweb | sparql | howto | screencast | javascript
December 7, 2006
17:35 SPARQL, Ajax, Tagging, Folksonomies, Share Ontologies and Semantic Web
A quick dump that demonstrates how I integrate tags and links from with links from my lo...
under category: Demos | SQL | Semantic Web
June 1, 2006
22:48 Contd: Ajax Database Connectivity Demos
Last week I put out a series of screencast style demos that sought to demonstrate the core element...
May 26, 2006
18:49 Screencast: Yahoo! Maps variation of Ajax Database Connectivity Maps Mash-up
This is a Yahoo! maps variation of the Google Maps based Forms Designer mash-up screencast.   ...
under category: Data Access | Content Syndication
18:38 Screencast: Building Database Centric Web 2.0 Mash-ups using Ajax Database Connectivity
This screencast covers the actual codeless process of building a database centric Web 2.0 mash...
18:27 Screencast: Using a Live Report (mash-up) that exploits AJAX Database Connectivity
Another demo. This time around you are looking at a quick and dirty mashup assembled using the...
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