I've been a little busier than usual, of late. So busy, that even minimal blog based discourse participation has been a challenge. Anyway, during this quiet period, a number of interesting data streams have come my way that relate to OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS). Thus, in typical fashion, I'll use this post (via URIs) to contribute a few nodes to the Giant Global Graph that is the Web of Structured Linked Data, also known as the Data Web, Semantic Data Web, or Web of Data (also see prior Data Web posts).

Here goes:

  1. Alan Wilensky recalls his early encounters with OpenLink Data Spaces (circa. 2004)
  2. Daniel Lewis shares his "state of the Semantic Data Web" findings
  3. Daniel Lewis experiences OpenLink Data Space first hand en route to creating Data Spaces in the Clouds (the Fourth Platform).

In addition, in one week, courtesy of the Web, UK Semnantic Web Gatherings in Bristol and Oxford, I discover, interview, and employ Daniel :-) Imagine how long this would have taken to pull off via the Document Web, assuming I would even discover Daniel.

As with all things these days, the Web and Internet change everything, which includes talent discovery and recruitment.

A Global Social graph that is a mesh of Linked Data enables the process of recruitment, marketing, and other elements of busines management to be condensed down to a sending powerful beams across the aforementioned Graph :-) The only variable pieces are the traversal paths exposed to your beam via the beam's entry point URI. In my case, I have a single URI that exposes a Graph of critical paths for the Blogosphere (i.e data spaces of RSS Atom Feeds). Thus, I can discover if your profile matches the requirements associated with an opening at OpenLink Software (most of the time) before you do :-)

BTW - I just noticed that John Breslin described ODS as social-graph++ in his recent post, titled: Tales from the SIOC-o-sphere, part 6. In a funny way, this reminds of a post from the early blogosphere days about platforms and Weblog APIs (circa. 2003) about ODS (then exposed via the Blog Platform realm of Virtuoso).