We've just released version 5.0.4 of the Virtuoso Universal Server platform for SQL, XML, and RDF. The new release includes the following enhancements:

Web Server:

- HTTP 1.1 compliant Transparent content-negotiation in URL-rewrite rules for Linked Data Deployment.

RDF Data Management:

- New providers for the Jena, Sesame and Redland frameworks
- support for SPARQL INSERT and UPDATE via HTTP POST
- New SPARQL-BI extenstions that make Business Intelligence feasible via SPARQL
- new "rdf_sink" folder for handling HTTP PUTs into WebDAV that automatically sync with Quad Store.
- There are new Sponger (RDFizer) cartridges that map Amazon book-search results to the Biliographic Ontology, supports production of Linked Data from OAI, XBRL, and Yahoo finance data sources.
- HTTPS protocol support added to Sponger
- performance optimizations for SPARQL `DESCRIBE' and `CONSTRUCT', alongside general performance enhancements for RDF data set loading.

Core DBMS Engine:

- PHP hosting a module re-implemented as a Virtuoso plugin inline with otherlanguage hosting modules
- improved deadlock condtion management
- enhanced POP and FTP server side protocol implementations that allow larger data transfers.

Additional Information