At OpenLink Software, we've had an immense problem explaining the depth and breadth of our product porfolio via traditional Document Web pages. Thanks to SPARQL and Linked Data, we are now able to use Web Data Object IDs (HTTP based URIs) to produce super SKUs for every item in our product portfolio. Even better, we are able to handle the additional challenge of exposing features and benefits which by their very nature are mercurial across an array of fronts (products releases, product formats, and supported platforms etc).

Now I can simply state the following using Linked Data (hyperdata) links:

OpenLink Software's product porfolio is comprised of the following product families:
  1. Universal Data Access Drivers Suite (UDA) for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE-DB, and XMLA
  2. OpenLink Data Spaces
  3. Virtuoso

We no longer have to explain (repeatedly) why our drivers exist in Express, Lite, and Multi-Tier Edition formats, or why you ultimately need Multi-Tier Drivers over Single Tier Drivers (Express or Lite Editions) since you ultimately heed high-performance, data encryption, and policy based security across each of the data access driver formats.