We have been extensively working on virtual database refinements. There are many SQL cost model adjustments to better model distributed queries and we now support direct access to Oracle and Informix statistics system tables. Thus, when you attach a table from one or the other, you automatically getup to date statistics. This helps Virtuoso optimize distributed queries. Also the documentation is updated as concerns these, with a new section on distributed query optimization.

On the applications side, we have been keeping up with the SIOC RDF ontology developments. All ODS applications now make their data available as SIOC graphs for download and SPARQL query access.

What is most exciting however is our advance in mapping relational data into RDF. We now have a mapping language that makes arbitrary legacy data in Virtuoso or elsewhere in the relational world RDF query-able. We will put out a white paper on this in a few days.

Also we have some innovations in mind for optimizing the physical storage of RDF triples. We keep experimenting, now with our sights set to the high end of triple storage, towards billion triple data sets. We are experimenting with a new more space efficient index structure for better working set behavior. Next week will yield the first results.