We have now run the LUBM benchmark on Virtuoso v6, with the same configuration as discussed last Friday.

We had a database of 8000 universities, and we ran 8 clients on slices of 100, 1000 and 8000 universities — same data but different sizes of working set.

 100 universities: 35.3 qps
1000 universities: 26.3 qps
8000 universities: 13.1 qps

The 100 universities slice is about the same as with v5.0.5 (35.3 vs 33.1 qps).
The 8000 universities set is almost 3x better (13.1 vs. 4.8 qps).

This comes from the fact that the v6 database takes half of the space of the v5.0.5 one.  Further, this is with 64-bit IDs for everything.  If the 5.5 database were with 64-bit IDs, we'd have a difference of over 3x.  This is worth something if it lets you get by with only 1 terabyte of RAM for the 100 billion  triple application, instead of 3 TB.

In a few more days, we'll give the results for Virtuoso v6 Cluster.