I finally got around to running the SP2B SPARQL Performance Benchmark on the current Virtuoso Open Source Edition, v5.0.8.

I ran it with the 5M triples scale, which is the highest scale for which the authors give numbers.

I got a run time of 25 minutes for the 12 queries, giving an arithmetic mean of the query time of 125 seconds. This is better than the 800 or so seconds that the authors had measured. Also, Q6 of the set had failed for the authors, but we have since fixed this; the fix is in the v5.0.8 cut.

I also tried it with a scale of 25M, but this became I/O bound and took a bit longer. I will try this with v6 and v7 cluster later, which are vastly better at anything I/O bound.

The machine was a 2GHz Xeon with 8G RAM. The query text was the one from the authors, with an explicit FROM clause added; the client was the command line Interactive SQL (iSQL).

If one does the test with the default index layout without specifying a graph, things will not work very well. Also, returning the million-row results of these queries over the SPARQL protocol is not practical.

I will say something more about SP2B when I get to have a closer look.