All, OpenLink Software are pleased to announce a new release of Virtuoso , Open-Source Edition, version 5.0.0. This version includes:
  • Significant rewrite of database engine resulting in 50%-100% improvement on single CPU and in some cases up to 300% on multiprocessor CPUs by decreasing resource-contention between threads and other optimizations.
  • Radical expansion of RDF support including
  • In-built middleware (called the Sponger) for transforming non-RDF into RDF "on the fly" (e.g. producing Triples from Microformats, REST-style Web Services, and (X)HTML etc.)
  • Full Text Indexing of Literal Objects in Triple Patterns (via Filter or magic bif:contains predicate applied to Literal Objects)
  • Basic Inferencing (Subclass and Subproperty Support)
  • SPARQL Aggregate Functions
  • SPARQL Update Language Support (Updates, Inserts, Deletions in SPARQL)
  • Improved Support of XML Schema Type System (including the use of XML Schema Complex Types as Objects of bif:xcontains predicate)
  • Enhancements to the in-built SPARQL to SQL Compiler's Cost Optimizer
  • Performance Optimizations to RDF VIEWs (SQL to RDF Mapping)
  • Various bug-fixes
NOTE: Databases created with earlier versions of Virtuoso will be automatically upgraded to Virtuoso 5.0 but after upgrade will not be readable with older Virtuoso versions. For more information please see: Virtuoso Open Source Edition: OpenLink Data Spaces: OpenLink AJAX Too lkit (OAT):

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