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March 14, 2009
14:20 Simple Compare & Contrast of Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 (Update 1)
Here is a tabulated "compare and contrast" of Web usage patterns 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. ...
under category: SQL | Semantic Web
January 9, 2009
23:34 A Linked Data Web Approach To Semantic "Search" & "Find" (Updated)
The first salvo of what we've been hinting about re. server side faceted browsing over Unlimite...
under category: Demos | Virtual Database | Semantic Web
November 28, 2008
19:27 Introducing Virtuoso Universal Server (Cloud Edition) for Amazon EC2
What is it? A pre-installed edition of Virtuoso for Amazon's EC2 Cloud platform. What does it o...
March 27, 2008
00:08 Semantic Web Patterns: A Guide to Semantic Technologies (Update 2)
For all the one-way feed consumers and aggregators, and readers of the original post, here is a var...
March 26, 2008
18:44 Semantic Web Patterns: A Guide to Semantic Technologies (Update 1)
ReadWriteWeb via Alex Iskold have delivered another iteration of their "Guide to Semantic Tec...
February 9, 2008
17:54 Additional OpenLink Data Spaces Features
Daniel Lewis has published another post about OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) functionality titled:A fe...
under category: Demos | SQL | Semantic Web
April 13, 2007
21:15 Semantic Web Data Spaces
Web Data Spaces Now that broader understanding of the Semantic Data Web is emerging, I would like to...
March 9, 2007
23:50 SPARQL and Full Text Indexing implementations are growing
Virtuoso joins Boca and ARC 2.0 as RDF Quad or Triple Stores with Full Text Index extensions to...
under category: Virtual Database | SQL | Semantic Web
August 28, 2006
19:38 Data Spaces and Web of Databases
Note: An updated version of a previously unpublished blog post: Continuing from our recent Podc...
June 23, 2006
18:35 Structured Data vs. Unstructured Data
There is an interesting article at titled: Structured data is boring and useless.....
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